The Movie Colony Neighborhood Organization
Palm Springs, California

Here is the contact information for the PSPD officers patrolling The Movie Colony. This contact information does not replace 911 when you feel threatened or if you observe a crime in progress.

This contact information is to be used only for the purpose of keeping our beat officers aware of suspicious or unusual events or conditions arising in our neighborhood.

Officer Gil Fernandez,, 760-218-4100
Officer Nicolas Barth,
Sergeant Harvey Reed, 760-323-8115,
Sergeant Kelly Fieux,
Police Manager Lt. Walter Combs, 760-323-8119,
Police Dispatch, 760-327-1441

Code Violations, or questions regarding code compliance:
Code Ofc Fieger, 760-322-8364x8758,
Code Ofc Bowman, 760-322-8364x8717,
Neighborhood Police Officers Close Patrol

Your police department NPOs (Neighborhood Patrol Officers) will be conducting "close patrols" of homes not occupied due to seasonal absences or vacations. To register your residence for close patrol, please email your NPO officers and indicate your name, address and time frame that your home will be unoccupied. Please indicate a telephone number to contact you in case of need. You may reenter your absences if you are traveling away from Palm Springs intermittently.

The email addresses of our NPO's are as follows: and Please be sure to cancel your listing after you return to your residence on a full time basis. To cancel, send an email to the NPO officers. Copy to Sgt Desmarais,

Unauthorized Removal of Waste and Recyclable Materials

There has been some concern and confusion as to the legality of persons removing waste and recyclables from The Movie Colony curbsides.

The City of Palm Springs Municipal Code 6.04.250 is as follows:
(a) It is unlawful for any person, other than a person holding a contract for the collection of waste and recyclable materials, to take, remove or appropriate for his own use any waste or recyclable materials which have been placed in any street or alley for collection or removal, whether such waste or recyclable materials are placed in regular containers or not.
(b) In addition to criminal enforcement, the city and the authorized recycling agent have the independent authority to civilly enforce any provisions of this chapter, to and including the authority to seek treble damages pursuant to California Government Code Sections 66764 and 66761. The city manager may invoke these remedies, or any of them whenever he deems it appropriate. (Ord. 1429 32, 1992: prior code 3801)

Police Contact
Contact information for the Palm Springs Police Department's Officers assigned to The Movie Colony.