The Movie Colony Neighborhood Organization

Palm Springs, California

Mary McDonald (2/5/2019 1:55:34 PM)

Does this organization still exist? It has been a long time since I received any correspondence.
Bill Markley (3/12/2018 11:51:00 AM)
-web site-

Hi, It's Bill Markley. Will a board member please call me. Thank you.
Bob Evans (6/4/2017 3:13:02 PM)
-Parking -

Now there are no parking sign,s on E Tamarisk Avenina Olivos south end is being use for the parking lot for E. Tamarisk . This makes it hard and dangerous to exit Olivos at the south end . I have email the city and still nothing has been done, may be we should close the street at the south end of Avenida Olivos
Keith Johnson @ Automated Gate Services, Inc (12/15/2016 11:01:20 AM)
-Gate Automation/Access Controls-

Problems with your gate operator, access controls, telephone entry systems. Call Automated Gate Services, Inc. (888) 428-3711. License # 429416. Certified technicians. LiftMaster, DoorKing, Elite, Hy-Security.
Scm (8/27/2016 11:11:52 PM)
-Street parking. -

Can anyone explain why the no parking signs have been out on tamarisk for 3 month?
Larry Grosinger (7/18/2016 7:28:12 AM)

Need help getting an appraisal on a movie colony home? The old Estée Lauder property being rebuilt. Any referrals would be ver much appreciated. Thank you.
Richard Simonelli (5/25/2016 8:41:53 AM)
-Property Tax-

If your home is within 500 feet of a vacation rental you should not pay any property tax, as the proximity devalues your home. If you are more then 500 feet, but less then 1,000 feet away you should only have to pay 50% of your property tax bill, as your property has much less value.
Jason Sheehan (4/26/2016 10:10:07 AM)

Hello, I am an experienced handyman who has lived in and out of the movie colony for 20yrs. Anything from honey do's to major rehabs give me a call. Plenty of references available. Again thank you. 760.774.7618 cell
Kristel (6/23/2015 3:53:18 PM)
-Reception Contact -

My email is Or
Kristel (6/23/2015 3:47:04 PM)
-Reception -

My a partner and I are looking for a intimate, low key space to have our reception in February. We are thinking about a ceremony at Moortens Garden and would love to find a backyard, park or any location that still has the "old Palm Springs" vibe, for our reception. If anyone has any ideas for us it would be greatly appreciated. All good things, Kristel
Ismael Domin (4/8/2015 10:35:15 AM)
-Need anything fixed?-

Hello guys do you need anything fixed? Electronic's Tech in Palm Springs offers the best electronics repair service. They specialize on computer and Television repair. Also TV wall mount installations and Home Theater installations with concealed wires to avoid tangled wires hanging from the wall. They have the best sercice and prices call them at (760) 262-7635 for free estimates.
Visitor (3/16/2015 5:27:18 PM)
-Update this Website-

Is there anything new for 2015? Please.
Trude Crain (3/10/2015 4:26:01 PM)
-Coyotes in area-

FYI notify everyone regarding 1 or 2 coyotes living in area on Via Colusa. We have too many people walking animals & kids on our street (early & late( when these coyotes are out and about. We have notified City of Palm Springs regarding this matter & they should be out here tomorrow
Ken Feenstra (10/9/2013 8:44:30 AM)
-Movie Colony Mtg. Announcement-

On December 8, 2013 The Movie Colony Board will host a meeting of Members of the Organization. If you are interested in attending contact me at (760) 325-8654.
Amy baggott (8/4/2012 8:58:02 AM)
-Housing wanted-

Hi we currently have been renting in neighborhood for last 3 yrs and owners are selling the house gave us 2 months. We have children attending school here please let us know if you know of any rentals in this fabulous neighborhood Thank youAmy
Bill Markley (11/5/2011 9:33:23 AM)

As it turns out, it was a Westie Terrier and the owner picked him up this morning.
Bill Markley (11/4/2011 9:12:06 PM)
-found dog-

found white poodle/poodle-mix on Tamerisk & Hermosa Friday Nov.4, 8:30pm. Collar but no tag.
T. A. F. (6/27/2011 4:25:25 PM)
-Blade Sign Toppers-

Wow - the "Blade Sign Toppers" look awesome!
Bo Jackson (6/10/2011 10:02:26 AM)

What A Terrible website. Bo knows websites, and this is not a good one
Dick Mandell (3/7/2009 12:24:06 PM)
-Copy of email sent from Ken Lyon re. Spanish Inn-

From: Ken Lyon
To: Dick Mandell

Hi Dick,

Mr. Kohan at the Spanish Inn has filed a conditional use permit amendment (CUP AMND). The scope of work that was approved back in 2005 was a CUP for hotel and condominium uses within a renovation and addition to the existing Spanish Inn.

Due to deteriorating conditions in the condo market, he is requesting in his CUP Amendment application, approval of a temporary change of uses from a mix of hotel and condominium uses to 100% hotel uses. His stated intent is to operate the property 100% as a hotel and continue to market the condos. When the condo market improves or he gets a certain number of condo contracts in place to allow him to close on a large group of them, those condos would revert back from hotel uses to condo uses and title would be transferred to the new condo owners.

In addition, he is seeking approval to enlarge the proposed snack bar in Building A to a restaurant/bar for hotel guests. Restaurant/bar uses are permitted in non-resort hotels in the R-3 zone as an accessory use with a CUP.

Third, he is requesting approval to relocate 3 hotel rooms from the first floor of Building A to a proposed new second floor area of Building A, to make room for the seating and kitchen area of the proposed expanded snack bar/restaurant. This restaurant would be located ‘in-board’ from the hotel lobby (not facing the street). It would overlook the new swimming pool and is envisioned to have around 2 dozen or so seats (he will submit his seating plan for the restaurant use shortly). This physical change is considered significant enough to be deemed a change in the scope of the CUP, thus it too, will be part of the CUP amendment application.

Fourth, in converting condos to hotels, the site will have several hotel rooms with kitchens. The zoning code requires a CUP for hotels with greater than 10% of the rooms containing kitchens.

So the CUP amendment requests approval of (1) Temporary change of use (2) restaurant as accessory use to a hotel, (3) physical modifications to Building A, and (4) a hotel use with more than 10% of hotel rooms with kitchens.

Lastly, the off-street parking count for the proposed 100% hotel use requires 64 parking spaces. The site has 58. Mr. Kohan has submitted an application for an Administrative Minor Modification (AMM). Approval of an AMM will permit up to a 10% reduction in the required number of off-street parking spaces. I have encouraged him to consider adjusting the overall on-site parking design to use more compact spaces in order to achieve maximum possible number of spaces, however if he chooses to do so, he will still fall somewhere short of the 64 spaces requried. That, in addition to the recent addition of the 222 foot long drop-off lane along Indian Canyon Drive is proposed to adequately address the requested reduction in off-street parking.

As to the alcohol license. This is done via an application to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC), which I believe Mr. Kohan has made an application for a license. (that is not a City application, but County, I believe) There are many different types of licenses and I do not know the type for which he’s applying nor the proposed hours of operation of the license. This action also requires the City Council approve a “Resolution of Convenience and Necessity” (RCN) to increase the number of alcohol licenses granted in that particular section of land. He has also made that application with the City Planning Department.

There is no hearing date scheduled yet with the Planning Commission (it will hear the CUP and AMM applications; these applications do not require City Council approval). There is no hearing date scheduled yet for the City Council to hear the RCN (that does not require Planning Commission review). The Planning Commission hearing will be a public hearing and property owners in a 400’ radius will be noticed. (You can go to the City’s website and sign up for e notifications of these and all hearings to be sent automatically to your e mail address). On the Friday before the hearings are scheduled, you can retrieve and read a full copy of my staff report, reso, and all associated materials via the City’s website.

I hope this answered your questions. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.

Ken Lyon,
Associate Planner
City of Palm Springs Department of Planning Services
3200 Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92263
Phone 760 323 8245 Fax 760 322 8360
Dick Mandell (3/7/2009 12:13:17 PM)
-Copy of email sent from Craig Ewing re. Spanish Inn-

From: Craig Ewing
To: Dick Mandell
Cc: Ken Lyon


The owner / developer of the Spanish Inn has filed an application for an amendment to the CUP that involves a number of items. Ken Lyon, Associate Planner, has been assigned the case and I’m asking him by this e-mail to fill you in on details of Mr. Kohan’s request. I don’t believe a hearing date is set at this time, and Ken will be the contact on this application going forward. Let me know if you have any questions.

Craig A. Ewing, AICP
Director of Planning Services
City of Palm Springs
3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Dick Mandell (3/7/2009 12:10:31 PM)
-Copy of email sent to Craig Ewing re. Spanish Inn-

From: Dick Mandell
Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 12:03 PM
To: Craig Ewing
Cc: Graham Young
Subject: Spanish Inn

Good Day, Craig

I am hearing reports that the Spanish Inn is considering a change in its business plan that may has some effect on The Movie Colony Neighborhood. I am aware of an application for a liquor license requesting hours that may be unattractive for the Inn's neighbors; this is being followed by Graham Young on our behalf. Is there anything else, however, that would be proper and appropriate for neighborhood to consider and comment thereon?
Thanks your help.

Dick Mandell
Elizabeth Wickham (1/21/2009 9:40:39 AM)
-Sherman Cat-

I found him in Graham's yard across the street. He has passed away.
Elizabet Wickham (1/21/2009 9:18:52 AM)
-Lost Cat-

I'm missing my 16-year-old black cat, Sherman. If he's in your yard, please call me ASAP. He's all black, thin, and wears a blue collar. I live directly behind the Colony Palm Hotel on Via Colusa.Thanks!835-7501
William Wickwire (10/31/2008 9:06:50 PM)
-Cross walk at Granvia Valmonte/Indian Canyon...-

I note that this item was previously discussed, but was never done. It seems that now is a very good time to push for this again, with Colony Palms and Spanish Inn guests likely to want to cross to the Uptown restaurants and shops. It seems to warrant at least a cross walk, even if not a lighted one...
Visitor... (10/9/2006 7:34:33 PM)
-Traffic Signal at Indian/Tamarisk-

Does anyone know if this made it into the capital budget?
april hildner (4/20/2006 3:03:49 PM)

Greetings from the ONIC website subcommittee! Your website is looking great!
Diane Alhstrom (4/18/2006 12:02:12 AM)
-New Forum Format-

We are trying a different model for the Forum. It is not nearly as sophisticated as the previous forum -text is unformated, personal profiles are not available, there are no categories for segregating comments, etc. etc. In this version, posts are displayed unformatted and in reverse chronological order with the topic listed under the poster's name. The advantages are that it is simple to use, doesn't require a log-in, and comments are displayed immediately, so we are hoping more people will utilize it. Keeping in mind that unmonitored, uncensored, open forums can potentially become abusive, obscene and/or irrelevant, we may have make it more restrictive if that happens, perhaps requiring a log-in. So we are asking that you please keep your comments adult, relevant and respectful. Meanwhile, please feel free to use the forum. Thank you, Diane

The purpose of the forum is to give members of The Movie Colony and other interested parties a chance to voice their opinions regarding any aspect of our community.